12 X 1 liter bottle SUPER-GRO

12 X 1 liter bottle SUPER-GRO

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What is SUPER-GRO?

SUPER-GRO is a totally organic, environmentally friendly soil conditioner that contains a combination of natural vegetable steroids (extracted from plants) and saponin (soap). Most plant stress is a result of too much or too little moisture, compacted soil, improper Ph balance, or a scarcity of organic fibre in the soil. When SUPER-GRO is applied to the soil, its two active ingredients address these stress concerns and get results. The vegetable steroids enhance the micro-biological activity in the soil thus speeding up the conversion of available organic matter into a useable food source for the plant. This results in a faster and stronger root development, better equipped to withstand stress. The saponin is a wetting agent (surfactant) that increases the cell membrane permeability, enhancing the utilization of available moisture.

SUPER-GRO reduces ponding while also allowing the plant the benefit of increased amounts of nutrients available in the water. Routine application of SUPER-GRO will reduce compacting, increase water penetration and leach salts back into the soil.

SUPER-GRO is developed for use in the following applications:

  • Lawns, Gardens, Parks, Golf Courses
  • Trees, Shrubs, Vineyards, Orchards
  • Legumes, Cereal Crops
  • Any and all plants that grow in soil

Fairy Ring Application

  1. Use a garden fork or pitch fork and perforate affected area thoroughly to a depth of about 10 inches.
  2. Mix 3 oz. of SUPER-GRO in about a gallon of water and soak area liberally.
  3. Water excessively every day.
  4. If problem persists in two weeks, repeat application.