YU-CCAN with other modalities

One of the basic modalities of healing that I work with in my clinic is that of producing formulas high off the homeopathic similimum which remove us from the category of classical homeopathic medicine.


For the benefit of those who are not familiar with homeopathic medicine, it is a modality of therapeutics that was made popular by the German physician Doctor Samuel Hahnemann in the early 1800s which is based on the “Law of Similars” or if you will, “a hair of the dog that bit you.”

Homeopathy did not originate with Hahnemann, but goes back to Hippocrates, considered by many to be the father of modern medicine. Homeopathy, in fact, has always been an empirical curricular of medical thought.

The basic law of homeopathic similars state that a substance will effect a state of cure in a person that arises naturally if it produces that state when given to an individual.

People sometimes have a difficult time understanding something that produces a state similar to the one that you have. The reason that makes sense is because symptoms are really attempts by the body to heal itself. For example, if you ingested any poisonous substance, your body would respond through the modality of nausea and vomiting, diarrhea, fever, perspiration and so on. All these are actually manifestations of the body attempting to heal itself.

The major difference between this and modern conventional medicine is that the conventional approach devises formulations in an attempt to mask the symptoms, i.e., make the pain go away and everything should be all right. This actually hinders the body’s own natural attempts to heal itself.

Homeopathy will actually help to push the body naturally in the direction it was going in the first place in an attempt to save itself.

Samuel Hahnemann himself understood that homeopathy, of and by itself wasn’t really enough to help people. He mentioned in his writings about the “obstacles to cure” and there were many of those.

One of those obstacles to cure was good nutrition.

Today, due to our chemically denatured foods, not to mention our nutritionally-depleted topsoils, along with our polluted waters and poisoned environments, we are not getting the benefits from our food that we should. The foods themselves are also

responsible in large part for the continual accumulation of acid wastes in the body.

The technology I’ve worked with over the years in my clinic always gave me a tremendous amount of gratification, when I receive feedback from those I’ve worked with.

Another major obstacle to cure the Hahnemann wrote about was the high amount of toxins and wastes that continually accumulate in the body. I have found that the YU-CCAN formulas very effectively and consistently meet that other obstacle to cure. As long as there is an accumulation of toxins, the body’s own immune forces will be severely hindered and prevented from carrying out their life-giving functions.

The YU-CCAN products fit in so perfectly with the body’s own natural healing processes in that they assist the body to prevent the accumulation of acid wastes while, at the same time, assisting the body’s immunity processes.

I have observed that YU-CCAN’s intrinsic approach is striking a terrific chord in the hearts of many people; especially once they understand not only what disease is, but also what disease is not.

Most people have been taught that viruses, pathogens and bacteria are the cause of disease, and that just isn’t so. These visitors come to the body as a result of the disease conditions that we create. You have heard it said that no bacteria, no virus or pathogen has ever caused a disease. They are nurtured by the excessive amounts of body wastes that we allow to accumulate in our systems.

It was only when I began to make sure that people, in additions to my own modalities, would take in unison the 3 premier YU-CCAN products that we started seeing immediate results.

There is a great shift in societal consciousness coming about today because, more than ever, people are coming to realize that they must take responsibility for their health into their own hands.

Remember that the mother of all healing is the body itself.

As YU-CCAN distributors, our compelling purpose should be to help as many people as possible to feel fully alive and with a boundless supply of continual high energy that only the blessings of good health can bring.