Today we hear so many people refer to their allergies.


  • Just what do you mean ‘allergies’?
  • How do they manifest? When do they manifest?
  • What happens to us when they manifest?
  • Is there a cure for allergies? Can we be rid of them forever?
  • Let’s consider some musings here. All fair questions, yes/no?

What is an allergy?

It is a response by the body to a foreign invader, i.e., that which should not be in the body and that which the body cannot break down or deal with, so it reacts!

What are its reactions?

Well, to name a few: itching and sneezing and/or flushing of the skin; vomiting; diarrhea; strictures of the windpipe; very rapid heart flutterings; swelling of tissue; coughing, etc.

Of course, these are all alarm states that your body generates to make you aware that something must be done to address the problem. The body usually does so by “hypersensitivity response”, which can be pretty much akin to anaphylactic shock which is an acute, potentially life-threatening and extremely severe reaction, especially in those who have had prior exposure to allergenic substances.

It is the most extreme and serious type of reaction which is manifested by an immediate and dramatic response to these allergenic substances. The results are usually widespread swelling and itching or rash, and unless reversed, can lead to respiratory arrest, shock and even death.

“Misery” is often how allergy sufferers describe their malady. Other than the aforementioned symptoms, these victims can also manifest dark circles under their eyes, hives, eczema, shortness of breath and coughing and wheezing.

There are many, many causes (reams of books have been written on the topic) and there is a great increase in the number of people becoming susceptible to allergic reactions.

Environmental toxicity is a real big culprit here. As people become more and more exposed to them, the immune functions begin to weaken.

Today, there are so many pollutants in the air, such as formaldehyde, hydrocarbon and carbon monoxide. There are so many dangerous elements in our foods, such as MSG, sulfites, synthetic colourings, antibiotics, to mention but a few. Can we really and truly avoid them all? Unless, of course, we want to run off to the mountains in Tibet and live on green goat cheese and glacier milk.

There are a wide variety of elements that can trigger allergic reactions, such as foods (peanuts, shellfish, etc.), drugs (penicillin and vaccines), insect stings, and especially molds and fungi.

Let’s talk about molds for a bit. These are micro-organisms classified in a league all by themselves. Many people today have extreme reactions to molds. They are so prevalent today and there is hardly any escaping it. They are living organisms that thrive where no other life form can. They live throughout our households, in basements, under sinks, in our refrigerators. In fact, they flourish and reproduce in the air, in the soil and in damp and dark places.

Consider that the interior of our bodies is the ultimate haven for molds. It is warm, dark and moist – the perfect breeding ground for them. My studies and experiences have brought me to conclude that molds and fungi (especially the mucor racemosis family) play a very, very significant role in ALL cancers. I say that with a certainty!

While molds are destructive, they are also quite beneficial. They are nature’s “decay-catalysts” in returning all things back to nature. They are beneficial in the cheese-making process, they help to fertilize the soil naturally. Penicillin is also made from molds. The spores are carried in the wind to all parts of the earth. Molds tend to gather and collect in our homes where they become an ever present danger. An important key is to rid domiciles of molds and airborne bacteria.

Consider using an air purifier as an aid to give you healthy and clean indoor air. Only good can result from having one in your home