FIBROMYALGIA . . . a term we seem to hear often these days.


I’ll bet every one of us knows at least someone who has this condition. Although men and younger children can be affected with this condition, it is mostly women who are affected by it.

It is quite hard to diagnose . . . the usual symptoms are chronic pain and stiffness with extreme tenderness around joints, tendons, ligaments and connective tissues of the muscles (tendons join bones to muscles and ligaments join bones to bones). Other symptoms include continual fatigue and lack of energy and sleep interruptions.

Fibromyalgia may occur in one or more areas of the body at the same time or may occur in different areas at different times. But predisposed areas tend to be the neck and shoulders and chest and lower back and thighs.

Little is known about fibromyalgia, but research is beginning to establish links to Chronic Fatigue Syndrome (CFS) and possible virus activity or the result of toxic build-up of lactic acid and/or uric and hippuric acid in the system.

Stress is certainly also an important factor. Chronic constipation also is coming to the fore in being a significant factor. Although research is merely suggesting this, I am of the strong opinion that an Irritable Bowel is a most significant factor.

I’ve long understood that in the final analysis there is only one disease and that is intestinal toxemia. All other conditions of disease are merely processed. Food sensitivities and overweight conditions tend to aggravate the condition of fibromyalgia.

Often, anti-inflammatory drugs and depressants are prescribed but these only serve to attempt an alleviation of symptoms and in many, if not most, cases ends up aggravating the condition.

Enzymes have been found to be most helpful in aiding the body to process stages of health-building. Many people will try reams of vitamin and mineral supplements and/or herbal concoctions, usually to no avail. They are merely giving their bodies chemical isolates with much of the needed spectrum still missing.

Why not take the holistic approach? For example, seek to have as good a diet as you can (which includes proper habits such as chewing your food to liquid consistency before swallowing); get rid of stress in your life; use proper breathing techniques; take long and brisk walks; and above all, keep your intestinal system clean and working in good order!!

You have at your disposal the tremendous YU-CCAN products which will enable you to do that, especially the CANAID Herbal Supplement  (a combination of burdock, slippery elm, sheep sorrel and Turkish rhubarb) which already has had great results in improving this condition.

It’s not a fun condition to be struck with. Continual pain and aches can surely rob you of a state of good health and well-being. As we know, constant pains can easily lead to depression and discouragement and take so much quality out of our lives.

So, any of you out there in YU-CCAN land who know someone with this challenge – go to them, explain to them the incredible benefits of CANAID in this particular matter and encourage them to give it a good and honest try. I know you will agree with me when I say that you will be happy to see the results when they follow your suggestions. It costs so very little to have good health and well-being.