What about our water

If you want to step up to your faucet and drink all “natural” water out of it that you could everyday, I can almost guarantee that, in no time at all, you would be able to effectively speed up the aging process.


You know, there is something occurring in our society today with a greater and greater frequency and magnitude that medical doctors call “Arterial Occlusion”. In plain language that means a blockage of the blood vessels and arteries with a harsh, gummy, inorganic mineral residue that usually results in strokes and heart attacks, sometimes fatal.

Now, what on earth is it that we put into our bodies that creates this result? Well, the answer is quite simple…natural water.

But first, let’s just briefly consider the processes the body goes through when we put anything into our mouths and swallow it.

It travels down the oesophagus into the stomach, being partially digested along the way and into the duodenum (or the lower stomach) where it is mixed further with bile juices from the gallbladder and digestive enzymes from the pancreas, and then on into the small intestine, which is a tube about twenty to twenty-five feet long, will transfer what it can to the liver for further processing and eventual distribution out into the system. That which had not been disintegrated enough will be passed on to the colon for ultimate elimination from the body.

Now, in a crude manner of explaining it, that’s the journey of food. But the journey of liquid is entirely different. Water, for example, does not need to be digested so it travels right on through to the small intestine where, depending on whether it’s natural or pure water, will take one of two paths. Please let me qualify what I mean by natural water. It is that which comes from springs, lakes, rivers, reservoirs, your faucet and it is replete with those mineral elements (which are inorganic in nature) which it has collected in its journey through the earth, soil and rocks.

Now, nature did not equip our bodies to utilize these harsh, inorganic minerals so they must be passed on through the portal vessels and on to the liver for further segregating and anatomizing, in that it must separate these minerals from the H2O molecule to result in pure water.

The liver, after it separates these inorganic minerals, cannot keep them. It sends them out into the bloodstream where one of the functions of pure water is to leach these minerals out of the body. Remember, the blood and lymphatic system can only use pure water to carry out their tasks in the body.

Now the difference between natural water and pure water is that pure water contains one molecule of oxygen and two molecules of hydrogen and nothing else, whereas “natural water has all those inorganic minerals we mentioned earlier, i.e., calcium (lime), phosphate, copper, lead, iron, magnesium, manganese, etc.

If we drink purified water then it doesn’t need to be sent to the liver for purification. Instead it is absorbed through the lymphatic vessels directly into the system, to carry on its work, such as carrying nutrients to the cells and transporting wastes to the eliminative organs and lungs for excretion, and the myriad of other jobs it has to do!

All the minerals of the body are composed of the same minerals of the earth, yet with one great and vast difference. The minerals as they are in the earth are highly inorganic whereas the minerals the body is composed of are organic minerals with very special life-giving electromagnetic properties inherent in them.

The minerals in natural water are coarse and lifeless and are incompatible with the cells’ need and are therefore rejected by them. Pure water has the spark of life where it can capture those harsh inorganic minerals and, with the assistance of the blood and lymph, transport them out of the body through the waste outlets.

Contrary to popular belief and opinion, we are not to get our trace elements and minerals from the water that we drink, but from the foods that we eat.

The inorganic elements and minerals of the earth were designed by nature to be food for trees and plants and fruits where, once they are assimilated into the plants, they are converted into those living organic, rich with enzymes, minerals that the body needs.

Want to try a neat experiment? Have a urinalysis made before you start and then for three or four weeks, drink only pure water and then have another analysis. You will be surprised – there is no alternative for experience.

Question: Should we be drinking natural or pure water? Answer is obvious, isn’t it?

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