YU-CCAN offers the finest Natural Health and Environmental products for alternative health treatment. Yucca based products improve health and can be useful in helping the body heal.

Your Health begins with good choices

To enjoy peak health and longevity, we must be participants in the game of life not merely spectators. If we truly want to enjoy peak health and longevity without the pain and discomfort of disease, we must first understand that the only instrument capable of healing is our own body.

Disease and old age have their roots in our sick and chemically denatured foods, poisoned water and polluted environment. If we truly want to become young and healthy, we must first accept responsibility for our own health and vitality.  Remember, “serious disease and peak health cannot exist in the same body at the same time.” By understanding how our bodies function, what our body’s individual needs are and by addressing these needs, we can enjoy peak health and vitality without the presence of disease.

The increasing interest in herbal supplements and other alternative medicine stems from our experience with synthesized drugs and their adverse side effects.  No one system of medicine is 100% successful against all disease. However, because our bodies are so adept at processing plant material, they automatically absorb what is needed and eliminate what is not. The role of herbs may be indirect, such as aiding in digestion, encouraging relaxation, improving circulation or helping elimination functions. Deficiencies in any of these areas add to the burden of disease with which the body has to cope. If these supplementary problems can be addressed the chances of recovery for a specific illness are significantly improved.