The Prostrate

Or should I say the “prostrate”, because if you ask ten men about it, I am willing to bet that six of them will call it the “prostrate”. Most know so very little about it – that little walnut-shaped gland that only males are blessed with (sic.) which is situated at the base of the bladder and surrounds the urethra. This gland is one of the most common troublemakers in mens’ genitourinary systems.


The prostate gland produces the fluid that mixes with semen to make up part of the seminal fluid. There are some unknowns about the seminal fluid but one school of medical thought is that one of its roles is to help keep the sperm active so that fertilization can occur more easily.

Today, four out of five men over 40 have some prostate challenges of one kind or another. The most common problem is Prostatitis, which is an inflammation of the gland. It usually occurs in older men and is caused by an enlargement that takes place gradually over a period of years. When Prostatitis hits younger men it is usually caused by a bacterial infection from another area of the body which spreads to the prostate.

Some of the symptoms of Prostatitis are pain between the scrotum and rectum and blood or pus in the urine, fever, frequent urination that is sometimes accompanied by a burning sensation, and in some instances, there is an actual block which makes urination very difficult. This gradual enlargement of the prostate is termed by medical science as benign hypertrophy.

If left untreated, Prostatitis can turn into very serious challenges. It can back up the kidneys and result in damage to both the kidneys and the bladder. You see, the urine is loaded with poisons and toxins that the body is attempting to eliminate and when it backs up because of an enlarged prostate, it soon poisons the bladder and the kidneys. So often patients will complain to me that they have a need to get up frequently during the night to urinate. They may find it very difficult to urinate and only pass a small amount of urine.

Prostatitis is a relatively easy challenge to deal with, especially when caught in the early stages. More men today have enlarged prostates and in many, if not most, cases are not even aware of it. Repeated infections, if not dealt with, greatly increase the risk of prostate cancer.

Both prostate enlargement and prostate cancer are also directly related to hormonal changes as men get older, not unlike the ‘menopausal changes’ that women go through as they pass through their reproductive years.

Prostate challenges are contributable to poor diet and sedentary lifestyles. Greasy and processed foods are surely a culprit. It has been clearly demonstrated that the development of prostate cancer has risen dramatically in the last 75 or so years. That coincides with the same time frame that man began to eat processed foods as a staple part of his diet. A good brisk daily walk is one of the very best antidotes to most any form of prostate challenge.

Something men should get in the habit of doing is contracting their pubococcygeal muscle often during the day and evening. Now I know that muscle is not a part of everyone’s vocabulary but visualize that you have to urinate really bad and you are in public with no toilet in sight. Which man among us has not experienced this sensation, as you are trying to get the key in the door. You all know what I’m talking about here. The normal thing to do would be to be squeezing and holding back. The muscle that you are using to do that is the pubococcygeal muscle. Contracting that muscle will surely guarantee that you will be tending to that muscle and will ultimately be very beneficial to carrying blood to that most important area of the human body.

Of course, it goes without saying that when we have good clean and healthy bodies there can be no room for disease. Drinking lots of purified water is tremendously important for maintaining good health. YU-CCAN Herbal Supplement, as you know, helps the body to provide lots of oxygen and friendly bacteria of which we are in such short supply. Some later studies are finding a link between prostate inflammations and fungal infections. Given that fungal infections do figure very prominently in cancers, YU-CCAN Herbal Supplement is extremely beneficial in helping the body to destroy those fungal organisms.

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