Dr. Roy

DR. LEO V. ROY, B.A., M.D., N.D., F.A.N.A.

Dr. Roy practised as a family doctor for seven years as well as having over 35 years of training and experience in natural health care and preventative medicine.

Besides being house physician at Dr. Max Gerson Cancer Clinic in New York, Dr. Roy was a visiting physician to health clinics and centres of natural methods of research in Europe and the United States. He was a longtime friend and supporter of YU-CCAN and travelled on behalf of YU-CCAN to share his wisdom, love and knowledge with the people of China.

Dr. Roy’s naturopathic approach to healing fought disease by caring for and restoring the total health of the body, mind, emotions and spirit.

Dr. Roy passed away in March of 2001.

Healing is not a casual pastime, nor a spectator sport.

Everything in your life:

  • your home
  • your loved ones
  • your friends
  • your successes

Depends on:

  • Your State of Health
  • Your Inner and Personal Life
  •  Your Emotions
  • Your Happiness

You are all you have. Look after you well. Keep joy in your life.

Counsels for Taking Healing Remedies

If you are in the early stage of any illness, or if your purpose in using a remedy is to prevent illness, don’t use more than the minimal dose indicated on your remedy label.

If you are seriously ill, the amount of remedies to take would probably correspond to the maximum amounts indicated on your remedy label — or possibly more.

Do not expect immediate or complete changes or relief of illness distresses.

Healing generally proceeds at the same speed as growing (from an infant to an adult).

Always and only take the smallest amount of any therapy that provides you with the maximum and optimum of well-being. Don’t ever take more than you need. If 1 or 2 doses makes you feel as good as 3 or 4 doses, don’t take the greater amounts.

Don’t ever force yourself to take treatments, any more than you should allow yourself to force yourself to keep eating foods when your appetite is satisfied and your instincts tell you have had enough. Stop. Listen to your body..

Take a holiday from your treatments. After a month or so, try going a day or two without your remedy. Take your remedies only 6 days a week. Allow your body a day of rest from its efforts and overloads of healing.

After every 10 weeks or treatments, stop for 1-2 weeks. But if, when stopping, you feel worse or experience a setback, listen to your body.

Whenever you have reached a “peak” — a feeling of real well-being and have kept on that level for 2-3 months, start to decrease the amount of therapy you are taking. If, during that period, you experience a reoccurrence of any symptoms, go back to your previous doses for another couple of months; then try again.

When you are following the guidelines and recommendations to the best of your ability, but still experience symptoms or distresses, don’t get discouraged or upset. Don’t panic. These discomforts don’t necessarily mean that your treatment is wrong for you — or that it is harming you. When you are doing everything right, what feels like a wrong is the wrong (toxins and the causes of your illness) coming out. These could be what are called “healing crises” or “healing reactions”. Such periods are usually short lived. Only if they continue on for a long time or become distressing, then promptly contact your doctor. Something needs to be changed or balanced differently.