Did you know that close to one million North Americans will get diabetes this year? When most people hear of or think of diabetes, the first thing that generally runs through their minds is the connection with insulin; that they are lacking it and if they take insulin, either orally or by way of injection, they should be all right and life goes on.


In actuality, diabetes consists of a whole range of metabolic disorders and is usually the culprit in a host of other serious health challenges. For example, Did you know that diabetes is the leading cause of blindness in people who are age 30 to 75, and also leg and foot amputations?

  • Did you know that if you have diabetes, it makes you four times more susceptible to heart disease and five times more likely to have a stroke?
  • Did you know the diabetes is responsible for approximately 33% of all kidney and renal failures?
  • Did you know that diabetes is among the top five causes of death?

What impacts me most is not so much that it’s one of the most common serious diseases, but that, possibly more than any other health challenge, it can be easily prevented.

Although close to one million people will get it this year, another 34 million people won’t even know that they are in the early stages of it themselves. Studies show that 94% of people with diabetes have Type II, also known as adult onset or non-insulin dependent diabetes mellitus.

There are some quite simple guidelines for people with Type II diabetes wherein they can halt the progression of their condition, and actually be able to decrease the amount of insulin they need, by up to 50%.

Some major controlling factors for developing that condition called diabetes are lack of, or no exercise, obesity and metabolism disorders, stress, poor nutritional and dietary lifestyles and habits. Even if diabetes mellitus Type II is in your family gene pool, you can keep the condition in check by a few simple steps which are not at all difficult.

First, exercise, it could actually save your life. I know you’ve heard this many times before but it does bear repeating. Many, if not most of us today, have very sedentary lifestyles. I can think of nothing more important than good effective and regular exercise, with the emphasis on regular.

Second, get back to your regular weight. Ninety percent of people with diabetes are not just overweight, they are obese, which is a disease condition in itself. I don’t recommend anyone jumping on the diet bandwagon because as most of you know, dieting is generally more harmful than helpful.

Did you know that the average person in our culture today needs at least 5 to 5 ½ times the food that our bodies actually need, at each setting? Try to eat smaller amounts of food at each sitting. Eat plenty of onions, garlic, legumes, cucumber, barley, beans, oatmeal and whole grain products.

Thirdly, deal was stress. We live in such as stressful society today that we do need to stop from time to time and take stock of stress in our lives and what we are doing to handle it. So many others today are potential diabetics because of their lifestyles, such as poor diets, not getting enough sleep, becoming over exhausted and anxious – this one alone can devastate your hormones, blood sugar levels, metabolism, and so on.

Most importantly use CANAID Herbal Supplement on a maintenance basis. That formulation will do more for giving the body the proper tools with which it may completely rebuild the pancreas so as to ward off any potential aspects of diabetes. And on top of that, it is a very pleasant tasting tea.

Know that by the time a person gets to the diagnosis of diabetes, there has to be a lot of degenerate conditions already occurring in the body. Hence, the greater the urgency and importance of getting lots of CANAID in your system to assist the body in clearing out all those degenerative cellular waste products that the body is having a hard time to rid itself of. Once the pancreas is in trouble, that can only be the beginning of woes.

So, in the final analysis, just what is your health worth to you? Don’t wait for sickness and disease to occur before doing anything about it. Do what you’ve got to do now so as to be  in the preventative mode.