1 liter bottle Clean 'N' Clear

1 liter bottle Clean 'N' Clear

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  • Helps speed the natural digestion or breakdown of organic waste in a number of industrial, agricultural, and household applications.
  • Cleans and clears bodies of water used for drinking, swimming, fish & landscaping.
  • Helps liquefy solid wastes in pits and lagoons of dairy, swine and poultry operations and in pit toilets, RV holding tanks and septic tanks.
  • Helps reduce odours, clogs, sludge, pollution and unsightly mess.
  • Is a natural soap with many household cleaning uses.
  • Is natural, organic & environmentally friendly.
  • Easy to apply.

Agricultural Applications

The enzyme action that speeds the organic decomposition of waste is a benefit in many dairy, poultry, and swine operations.

CLEAN ‘N’ CLEAR helps:

  • Liquefy Solid Waste
  • Clean Brackish Water
  • Reduce Odours
  • Reduce Fly Populations

Household Applications

CLEAN ‘N ‘CLEAR contains natural saponin (soap) found in the Yucca plant.

CLEAN ‘N’ CLEAR is a natural soap useful as a:

  • Laundry Aid
  • Dishwasher Aid
  • Glass Cleaner
  • Car Wash Detergent
  • Diaper Pail Treatment
  • Toilet Bowl & Sink Cleaner
  • Ceramic Tile Cleaner

Through the bacterial digestion of waste, CLEAN ‘N’ CLEAR helps speed nature’s process of decomposing organic waste and helps control odours in:

  • Pit Toilets
  • Garbage Disposal Sites
  • Processing and Rendering Plants
  • RV Holding Tanks

by speeding up the natural process of breaking down waste

CLEAN ‘N’ CLEAR helps clear brackish water in:

  • Ornamental Ponds
  • Swimming Pools
  • Spas
  • Golf Course Hazards

How it Works

CLEAN ‘N’ CLEAR is a natural, organic, environmentally friendly, multi-purpose product. It contains vegetable steroids (which occur naturally in most plant matter) and natural saponin (soap). Depending on the specific purpose or application, these two components play significant individual roles. Vegetable steroids act as a catalyst (or Nutrient) to aerobic bacteria, helping to speed the natural breakdown of organic wastes. Aerobic bacteria release the enzymes needed to digest dead organic matter, helping to clean and clear water or to liquefying solid waste. Saponin reduces the surface tension of water making

CLEAN ‘N’ CLEAR a natural wetting agent or surfactant. With surface tension reduced, more oxygen can penetrate water, feeding aerobic bacteria and speeding the natural breakdown of waste. The removal of organic wastes from pits, lagoons, troughs and pools reduces odours, clogs, sludge, pollution, and unsightly mess.