1 - 250 ml ( 8 oz ) bottle Fresh

1 - 250 ml ( 8 oz ) bottle Fresh

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The Ultimate Odour Neutralizer

FRESH is a totally natural and effective odour neutralizer. It’s main components are natural steroids extracted from a botanic that encourage the development of digestive enzymes. These enzymes work quickly to break down and digest odours effectively.  FRESH will rid its surrounding of odours and gases such as ammonia (from urine and excrement), hydrogen sulfide, formaldehyde, sulfur dioxide and many other unwelcome gasses.

Don’t Disguise — Neutralize 

Commercial air fresheners come in chemical sprays and fragrances that only mask smells. They can be toxic and allergenic and, just as important, contribute rather than lessen air pollution!

Consider these alarming facts: After a study of homes and large buildings the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency states that “Indoor air pollution in the form of toxic gases, chemicals, volatile organic compounds, smoke, pet odours, paint fumes, cooking and bacterial odours can be up to 100 times that of outdoor air.” The average North American spends 22 hours a day indoors. Polluted air causes ongoing flue-like conditions and other ailments

FRESH neutralizes all odours instantly and permanently to produce an odourless environment without a lingering scent. FRESH is available in 250 ml Spray Bottles or 4 litre Refill Bottles.