12 X 680 gm ( 24 0z ) AIR - AID Powder

12 X 680 gm ( 24 0z ) AIR - AID Powder

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What is AIR-AID?

AIR-AID is a naturally occurring variety of mineral zeolite. The particular type used has a molecular structure and properties which allow it to absorb other elements through an ion exchange as opposed to adsorption, which is a physical process. Zeolite is a silica and as such is environmentally friendly. It rids its surroundings of odours and gases such as ammonia (from urine and excrement), hydrogen sulphide, formaldehyde, sulphur dioxide and many other unwelcome gases.

Why Use AIR-AID?

AIR-AID attracts smoke, toxic gas, bacterial and other odours by means of a “positive negative ion exchange” and traps odours in its molecular structure.  Commercial air fresheners come in sprays, chemicals and fragrances and work by “masking smells”. They can be toxic and allergenic and further contribute to air pollution.

How To Use AIR-AID

Make a “sachet” or “bag” by pouring 4-6 oz of AIR-AID granules into a “knee-hi” stocking or “wrap-up” and tie in a piece of cheese cloth. Place “bags” in any room or area where “noxious” odours exist. e.g. Closets, lockers, athletic bags. running shoes, skates, laundry hampers, R.V.’s, boats, etc.

Contents will service 12.5 sq. ft./oz or 42 sq. cm/gm. for a total area of 300 sq. ft.

AIR-AID will absorb odours for 3-4 months.

  • Pets – Mix with kitty litter, use in bird cages and any other pet area. Dust lightly on pets and where they sleep.
  • Refrigerators –  Place bag in crisper to prolong freshness of produce.
  • Laundry – Add 1-2 tbsp. to solution.
  • Carpets – AIR-AID absorbs odours from carpets and with repeated use will also draw odours from surrounding fabrics, upholstery and drapes. Sprinkle powder on carpets, leave on 4 hours or over night, then vacuum.


To dispose of AIR-AID spread in garden or plant pots. AIR-AID will release nitrates acquired in the absorption process and will help mineralize the soil. Otherwise discard into your garbage or landfill to assist in composting plant matter.

AIR-AID works to the earth’s benefit after serving your personal needs.